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LBF PODCAST discusses a range of topics geared towards helping adults talk about the good, bad, and every part of life. Building helpful tips, tricks, and advice is one way we work on becoming the best versions of ourselves. We get vulnerable on LBF POD and we also have fun. Join us every Monday and Friday for fresh content that will literally change your life. Let’s Build together!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Working Hard or is it Hardly Working: a talk of Hustle Culture

    Join Host Kantoinette and returning guest, Richard of Still Talking Black Podcast, as they have an honest and open discussion about their understanding of hustle culture from personal experiences.   Here are some things to consider for this discussion:   Why is hustle culture so popular?   Is it helpful or hurtful?    What ...


  2. A Different Kind of Hood: Brotherhood

    Join Host Kantoinette with returning Creating Space artists, AZACE and GANDY, as we discuss friendship and brotherhood. This addition to the series focuses on how black men connect and support each other in real ways. There’s nothing like your BRO.   Here’s a few things to consider for ...


  3. A Year In Transition

    Join Host Kantoinette we take a moment to make some beautiful commitments to ourselves and reflect on 2021.   Here are some things to consider for this discussion:   What did you discover about yourself this year?   What tools did you add to your toolbox?   What LBF episode had the most impact ...


  4. Express Yourself: Let’s Talk Anger

    Join Host Kantoinette as we make space for the Grinch in all of us by talking about ANGER. In this episode, we explore this misunderstood and underappreciated emotion while host K gets real on her struggles to avoid learned suppression of anger on the journey to healthy expression.    Week ...


  5. Creating Space to Talk Black Love

    Join Host Kantoinette with a lovely, young black couple for this sweet episode about Black Love. These two creatives on today’s episodes have been featured as a part of the Creating Space series (Splash n Sexy & More Than Words) and now they’re allowing us to get a ...