Express Yourself: Let’s Talk Anger

December 20, 2021 00:40:13
Express Yourself: Let’s Talk Anger

Show Notes

Join Host Kantoinette as we make space for the Grinch in all of us by talking about ANGER. In this episode, we explore this misunderstood and underappreciated emotion while host K gets real on her struggles to avoid learned suppression of anger on the journey to healthy expression. 


Week of the Grinch: Let’s Talk Anger Challenge


Do an aggressive activity (boxing, smashing glass, beating up old car)


Write an angry letter (Don’t send or burn, keep until anger is subsides)


Make a “f*** you” playlist and sing it in the shower


Make a list of all the things that have made you angry this year; then burn it


Express your anger in one healthy way to whoever wronged you 


Do hot yoga 


Finish the week with a meditation on why your anger; affirmations about forgiveness and sage away 

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