Accountability is my FRIEND: A DASH of Discernment

Accountability is my FRIEND: A DASH of Discernment

Join Host Kantoinette and returning guest/artist Nate Jolley as they discuss accountability with just a dash of discernment. In this episode, Builders will be asked to reflect on their journey with accountability and the ways that it interacts with our connections in life. We even get to some points where we’re holding ourselves accountable in real-time. Gotta love this topic!


Here are some things to consider for this discussion:


How does accountability fit into our life experience and relationships/connections?

How does discernment fit?


What was your earliest experience with accountability as an adult? What did you feel? What did you learn?


How do you think our generation deals with accountability?


How does discernment play a part in accountability?


How do you handle being “called to accountability” by others?


How did you develop the courage to hold yourself accountable? Others?

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